Care Instruction of Wooden Furniture

The wood furniture in your home becomes an integral part of your life; it adds grace and elegance to the rooms of your house because of the aesthetic property of wood. The beauty and the comfort of wooden furniture are ageless, and the memories that you make with it are indeed the most beautiful remembrances of your life.

To ensure that your furniture remains in the best condition for all the rest of your life or, at least, you do not plan to change or replace it with a new one, it is important that you follow the care instructions that vary from wood to wood.

Here are the care instructions that you need to follow for your wood furniture:

1. Mahogany Wood
Mahogany wood furniture looks elegant and beautiful because of the reddish-brown color of the wood. The durability of furniture that is made from Mahogany wood is high, and the furniture usually lasts for years.

The care instructions are as follows:

  • Keep away from excess moisture. Like most woods used for furniture, Mahogany furniture is adversely affected by excessive moisture. Make sure that you never use a pressure washer to wash Mahogany furniture, or you’re leaving it to deteriorate with time. If you want to water clean your furniture, only use a damp cloth (with little water). Follow with a dry cloth almost immediately.
  • Wipe spills immediately. In the case of any spills on your Mahogany furniture, it is best that you wipe them away immediately because the stains that are not wiped away immediately create a permanent mark on the furniture, making it appear dull and worn away.
  • Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth. As mentioned above, excessive moisture may deteriorate the condition of Mahogany, and a rough cloth may create marks on it; therefore, it is advisable that you use only a slightly damp cloth to clean your mahogany furniture.
  • Protect the outdoor mahogany from excessive sun exposure. Some of you might choose to keep your Mahogany shoe racks or desks made of Mahogany outside to impart an incredible look to your home, but, this can be your worst mistake ever. Since Mahogany cannot offer much resistance to moisture and heat, therefore its quality and luster might start depreciating over the years.
  • Never Use Abrasive Cleaners. To maintain the quality and the beauty of Mahogany wood, it is recommended that you do not ever make use of harsh abrasive cleaners. Using abrasive cleaners may cause discoloration, staining and may also remove the finish of the wood making it appear old and dull.
  • Never use abrasive or caustic cleaners on your mahogany wood furniture. Using them can cause discoloration, staining and remove the finish on the wood. Follow manufacturer guidelines for cleaning the wood.
  • Protect and Seal Mahogany furniture periodically. To maintain the luxurious and beautiful look of the Mahogany furniture in your room, You must protect and seal the wood periodically. Before applying sealant to the Mahogany wood, make sure you clean the wood thoroughly. You can also slightly sand the surface of the wood and remove all dirt. Selection of water-based sealants is recommended because they are not only environment-friendly but also offer more resistance to moisture.
  • Maintain controlled temperature indoor. Mahogany has an exceptional property to expand and contract with the variations in the temperature. To make sure that there are no drastic changes in the condition of your Mahogany furniture, it is advisable that you maintain controlled temperatures inside your house. During the winters when your heater is active, make sure they never come in close contact with Mahogany.

2. Teak Wood
One of the most beautiful woods that you can use for your home furniture is Teak wood; the color of Teak wood varies from light golden-yellow to dark brown. The hardness of the wood is the reason the furniture composed of this wood is strong and durable.

The care instructions for teak wood furniture include:

  • Washing Teak furniture with mild soap. Teak wood offers some resistance to moisture, therefore cleaning Teak wood furniture with mild soap and water is advisable. Since the wood may absorb moisture when left accessible to it, therefore it is recommended that you dry the furniture immediately after the process of washing.
  • Do not scrub or polish teak heavily. Scrubbing and polishing the Teak wood furniture is not recommended. Heavily rubbing and polishing Teak may depreciate the quality and the shine of the wood, making it look dull and graceless.
  • Avoid wood sprays and preservatives. Teak owns the characteristic to restrict the growth of insects and may cause some harm to the wood; therefore, it is not advisable that you use sprays and preservatives on the wood. The use of sprays and chemicals on Teak wood furniture may cause stains, thus spoiling the quality over time.
  • Oiling Teak with Teak oil. Oiling teak with Teak oil can be another method to increase the life and to improve the quality of teak wood. The process of oiling the furniture is not necessary unless you feel that your furniture has faded with time.
  • Mopping and Sanding. Teak has the quality to age gracefully and to enhance the grace of your teak furniture, the processes of mopping and sanding are considered to be the best of their kind. The oils excreted by the Teak wood should be mopped regularly using a clean cloth. When your furniture starts graying, it is important to sand the furniture. After sanding oil can be applied and reapplied quarterly that will help maintain its natural brown color. The entire process of mopping and sanding the teak wood furniture improves the grace of the furniture and also increases its life to some more years.

3. Mango Wood
Another beautiful wood that you can use for composing the gorgeous furniture for your home furniture is Mango. The color, beauty and the elegance of the Mango Wood are its exceptional features, making it look fantastic and in every form of furniture.

Here are the care instructions for you Mango wood furniture:

  • Wipe with a soft cloth every day. Mango wood is charming and pleasurable to own, but it should be wiped on daily basis. Regularly dusting way the particles from the furniture makes it look graceful like the first day.
  • Avoid excess water for cleaning, but use a slightly moistened cloth for cleaning. Spilling water and other products on the furniture composed of Mango wood can cause stain, making it look lifeless and uninteresting. It is advisable to avoid excess water for cleaning the wood as it may cause significant stains and deterioration of the wood, but you can make use of a slightly moistened cloth for the complete cleaning process.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your Mango furniture. Direct sunlight on your Mango wood furniture can result in fading of the wood. Your furniture should look fantastic and beautiful each day, therefore, make sure that you avoid almost anything that depreciates its overall look.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and alcohol for cleaning. Harsh chemicals for the process of cleaning Mango wood furniture can be extremely dangerous for your furniture because it leaves stains and may also degrade the quality with time. Most of the people hold a view that using alcohol for the purpose of cleaning wood can be beneficial, however doing this in case of Mango wood will be your worst mistake.
  • Avoid any contact with products containing ammonia. Ammonia has the tendency to deteriorate the finish of the Mango wood, and it is always recommended to avoid the direct contact of the Mango wood with products that contain ammonia.

The care instructions for Sheesham wood include:

4. Sheesham Wood
Furniture that is artistically crafted from Sheesham wood is not only beautiful and luxurious but also durable. The fact that Sheesham is a hard wood and that it can be crafted out to make an excellent range of furniture is indeed the reason most of the furniture products in your home are meticulously crafted from this wood.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and temperature variations. Direct sunlight and variations in temperature will disintegrate the Sheesham wood, making it appear monotonous and withered away.
  • Avoid changes in humidity. Sheesham is not resistant to moisture and can accept only a limited amount of moisture; it is before recommended that you avoid any significant changes in humidity to maintain the life and beauty of your Sheesham wood furniture.
  • Wipe away the dust regularly. Sheesham is a beautiful wood and taking care of it is imperative; make sure that you wipe away the dust regularly to make it look beautiful. You can use a moistened cloth for best results.
  • Polish the wood time to time. If you’re using polished Sheesham furniture, make sure you get it polished time to time or whenever it develops an incomplete and dull look. A perfectly polished furniture is the best treat for your home furniture.
  • For premium finish use Natural Beeswax. You can apply a natural beeswax polish, using a dry cloth and buff up ensuring any excess wax is removed. This can be done to make up for the premium finish of the Sheesham furniture.